Beate Wolff was born in 1987 in Solingen, Germany. Through playing the cello, recorder, trumpet and by being a member of dance- and theaterproductions she explores various ranges of art performances since a young age.
She has studied Music- and Danceeducation at the Mozarteum in Salzburg, Austria and afterwards Jazzcello at the conservatory in Arnhem, Netherlands.
As a musician she explores versatile ways to play the Cello and to use her own voice, often beyond classical clichées and traditional conventions. She mainly works as a member of Jazz- and Popbands, such as the crossover string quartett "DASKwartett" and performs as a stage musician at the "Düsseldorfer Schauspielhaus".
Her passion for traveling, exploring different cultures and mixing art in intermedial performances has further been executed by playing in international projects in Virginia (USA), Paris, Athens, and Copenhagen.
As a member of Fallinn Wolff and especially through Linn Meissner's compositions she enjoys the freedom of experimenting with unconventional soundscapes and dramatic means the most.